Organic Electronics Reasearch Center aims to provide the best and the up-to-date
research facilities to the researchers in the world.

Principal Investigators

Shun-Wei Liu

Ext. #4868

National Taiwan University

Organic Optoelectronic Semiconductor Materials
Soft electronic components
Transparent display
Gas sensor ...MORE

Sajal Biring

Assistant Professor
Ext. #4895

National Tsinghua University

Plasmonic Opto-electronics
Materials Science ....MORE

Ming-Hung Chen

Industrial Team's Leader
Ext. #4895

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Embedded Systems
Power Electronics
Power Systems
Motor Control........MORE

Chia-Hung Su

Associate Professor
Ext. #4665

National Tsinghua University

Biochemical Program System Engineering
Fermentation Engineering
Biochemical Engineering
Biomass energy........MORE

Hung-Pin Hsu

Associate Professor
Ext. #4864

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Semiconductor optical quality measurement
Optoelectronic semiconductor materials and components.......MORE

Cheng Shane Chu

Associate Professor
Ext. #4535

Cheng Kung University

Optical fiber sensing technology
material optical quality measurement technology........MORE

Ya-Fen Wu

Ext. #4863

Chang Gung University

Optoelectronic semiconductor materials
Solid state lighting
Electronic circuits....MORE

Chih-Ping Chen

Associate Professor
Ext. #4439

Zhongxing University

Polymeric Materials,
Organic Semiconductor Materials....MORE

Zong-Liang Tseng

Assistant Professor
Ext. #4866

Chang Gung University

Perovskite solar cells/LEDs
Polymer solar cells, PVD, CVD, epitaxy,
compound semiconductor....MORE

Yu-Ching Huang

Assistant Professor
Ext. #4439

National Taiwan University

Mass Produciton Process of Organic and ...,
Analysis of Material Structure by Synchrotron ..,
Flexible Printing Electronics and ....MORE

Hsin-Ming Cheng

Assistant Professor
Ext. #4867

Chang Gung University

Optics and Photonic Engineering....MORE


Ping-Tsung Huang

Associate Professor
Tel. (02)2905-2476

Department of Chemistry, Fu Jen Catholic University

Polymer blends
organic semiconductors
polymer solar cells, PSC ...

Chih-Chien Lee


Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Organic electroluminescent
White OLED lighting....

Ken-Tsung, Wong

Tel. (02)3366-1665

Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University

Design and Synthesis of Molecules for Organic Materials with Photoelectricity
Organic nanostructures and materials

Chih-Hao Chang

Tel. 03-4638800 #7517

Department of Electrical Engineering, Yuan Ze University

Organic Optoelectronic Semiconductor,
Flat Panel Display,
Flexible Optoelectronics....

Chih-Hsin Chen

Associate Professor
Tel. 2621-5656#2525

Departmant of Chemistry, Tamkang University

Portable liquid crystal-based sensor system for detecting environmental hazards
ex: viruses, toxins and illegal food additives......

Yuan-Jay Chang

Associate Professor
Ext. #4535

Department of Chemistry, Tunghai University

Organic Chemistry
Organic Materials Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry........

Adjunct Professors

Somaditya Sen

Adjunct Professor


polymer blends
Spintronics, Semiconductors
Materials ...

Bhola Nath Pal

Adjunct Professor
08174917900 (mobile)

Indian Institutes of Technology

1) Colloidal nanocrystal quantum dots and sol-gel metal oxide for optoelectronics devices.
2) Low-voltage field-effect transistors and light emitting diode for low-power photonic device.